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Sell Your House Fast to Avoid Foreclosure

When on the verge of foreclosure, there are numerous methods to employ to avoid it. These are: reinstatement, short refinance, forbearance, mortgage modification, and a refinance with a hard loan. You can also have a pre-foreclosure sale or sign a deed in lieu of foreclosure among others.

Of the aforementioned, one of the best methods to employ when foreclosure becomes inevitable is to have a pre-foreclosure sale. This will not only allow you to pay off the mortgage, it will also help you avoid a grave damage to your credit score.

Bear in mind that you have to sell your home within a specified period of time to avoid foreclosure. As such, you need to sell to those who are ready to buy your home fast and for cash. Fortunately, Sell Savannah House is one such buyer, and we are ready to buy your house at a fair price with little to no stress to you.

At Sell Savannah House, we provide homeowners in Liberty County with the best offer they can get for their houses. We also allow them to decide when they want to finalize the deal. The best part is: unlike other real estate companies, we do not charge any amount in commission or fees. We also ensure that the transaction process is stress-and hitch-free.

What’s more? Our transaction process is completely free as we pay all associated costs of transaction.

Finally, we understand that each homeowner is faced with one or more housing situations that is unique to him or her. As such, we endeavor to work closely with each homeowner so as to come up with the perfect solution for their situation.

Who Are We?

Sell Savannah House is a legitimate real estate company that focuses on helping homeowners in Liberty County, GA provide solutions to their housing situations. This involves buying their homes fast and for cash.

Although we are based in Liberty County, GA, we conduct our home buying operations in cities across the state. We also serve as an effective resource to our clients. That is, we present each homeowner with a list of solutions that apply to their situation along with adequate information about these options.

It is from these set of options that you’ll choose the solution you consider as most ideal for your housing situation. (Be rest assured that we’ll recommend the solution we consider to be the best for you.)

Furthermore, you should more that we have conducted the purchase and sales of several hundred houses in Liberty County across the past years. As such, we have developed our expertise in buying homes in the city. This makes us highly qualified to buy your house fast and stopping your foreclosure.

What is Our Mission?

Sell Savannah House is a real estate solutions company that strives to help homeowners who want to sell their Savannah houses. And we achieve this by providing solutions to their housing issues.

We conduct our operations based on three guiding principles mentioned below.

Fairness – One of the best things about our deals is that they are of immense value to the specific client we offer them to. Regardless of the housing issue the homeowner faces, we endeavor to provide a solution that solves it.

Truth and Honesty – We make sure to always incorporate these two virtues in our transactions as they are key to developing a good reputation.

Listen – Every homeowner faces issues peculiar to him or her. To provide valuable solutions to these issues, it is imperative that we have all the details about the situation. This involves listening attentively to everything the homeowner says. It also involves asking the right questions.

Let’s Help Provide Solutions to All Your Housing Situation

When it comes to selling your house to avoid foreclosure, you need to sell as fast as you can. This means that activities like cleaning, fixing and repairs, staging, and showing your home may not be primary to you as they consume time. They also consume a huge amount of money.

It is, therefore, recommended that you avoid selling through a real estate agent as they usually require the above-mentioned activities. In addition, your house may sit on the market for weeks on end, which is quite dangerous for your foreclosure.

Luckily, Sell Savannah House buys houses as is which saves you both money and time. Also, we are ready to buy your house irrespective of whether it is a lot, mobile home, duplex, triplex, fourplex, etc.

As mentioned earlier, each homeowner faces certain housing situations unique to him or her. The following are some of the most popular housing issues:

  • Your house is badly damaged and in need of repairs
  • You don’t want to deal with your annoying tenants anymore
  • You want to avoid tax or lien issues
  • You have missed out on your mortgage payment and are on the verge of foreclosure
  • You want to relocate to a new environment
  • You have an inherited property you’ll rather sell
  • You are getting a divorce

How to Sell Your House Fast

Our home buying process at Sell Savannah House is easy, straightforward, and stress-free. This is because we ensure to eliminate the obstacles associated with selling through a real estate agent. To sell your home to us, follow the steps mentioned below:

On this page, you’ll find a detailed description of how this process works. You’ll also find case studies of some of the homes we’ve bought.

We recommend that you rid yourself of doubts and uncertainties before you contact us. Doing this will enable you to trust and understand us. It will also make the transaction process easier. To do this, locate the testimonials on our website and read through them. You can also search through Google and check out people’s opinions of us.

This is the final part of the process. To do this, fill our form or give us a call. We will then review your application and get back to you with a response immediately.

Bear in mind that the decision to hire us or not depends entirely on you. We won’t pressure you in any way whatsoever. It is, however, imperative that you decide as soon as possible because of the risk of foreclosure.

Let’s help you avoid your foreclosure. Contact us now to get started!

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